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   925 Sterling Silver Luxury with jewelry locket hanging off the Y in luxury. This brand represents beautiful sterling silver charms, necklaces, & bracelets.Our Story

"If you can not help someone, do your very best in this life not to hurt them."(Unknown) 925 Sterling Silver Luxury is determined to bring the "Luxury of Buying Affordability" back to the shopping experience. Founded in 2022 out of Belleville, NJ, I created this brand to disrupted the existed world of overpriced jewelry. 925 SS Luxury started operations on June 2022. Licensed and operated based online platform. 


Shameenia Hopes

I started this jewelry business with the sole purpose of putting them degrees to work. I am a mother of 2 beautiful children. High school freshmen and a college sophomore scholar. I graduated from Union County College(2013) with an Associate in Liberal Arts and Kean University(2016) with a Bachelor in Business Management & Organization. While in Kean my entrepreneur professor believed strongly in my abilities to create and operate a business. She entered my business plan in a business plan competition where I came in 3rd place. After much research and resources my purpose for this business have changed. Just starting a business because of degrees wasn't a purpose for me anymore so I decided to take a closer look into emotional shopping. I've learned that there is a thing called "Shopping Depression." Some people are going to shop whether they can afford it or not, and some goes into a depression state when they cannot afford their lives and beautiful items. So I decided that 925 SS Luxury should be a place where affordability should be a priority and mission of the brand. Affordability and luxury items makes you feel and look good and its important to keep your priorities first. So why not create a safe place to be able to have nice affordable products without losing the luxury buying experience. I wanted to create a trusted community where customers can come to purchase beautiful jewelry for themselves or their loved ones and can still afford their lives. Prices that makes sense and make you happy with your choice and purchases. I believe if you cannot help someone, do your best not to hurt them. I feel I can do my part by providing affordable products thats makes especially girls/women happy.

925 SS Luxury is a trusted place to purchase affordable jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, rings, charms, and earrings. Believing heavily in looking good on a budget doesn't have to mean costume jewelry. We keep up with trendy items, latest fashion pieces, and quality over quantity.

Our most trusted advantage is purchase with protection guaranteed 

Most high end jewelry sellers price their items extremely high and charge a warranty price without fully backing their product or service. We back and believe in every item we sell, so we replace any piece that is defective or breaks in a timely manner and hassle free.

Becoming a loyal customer to us means we give loyal and reliable service. We know jewelry isn't a necessity, but it is a luxury. A luxury we all want to experience in our fashion and everyday lives. Jewelry makes a statement, whether it's Bold, Soft, or Sweet. It speaks for us in many ways.

We at 925 SS Luxury plan on achieving one day designing and making our own signature pieces that you the customer chooses. Growing the small business into a family owned and operated business. Also give other newly small jewelry business developers a chance to learn and sell their pieces on our growing platform.


Trust and accountability is a very important value we practice in operation of 925 SS Luxury and our developer of the brand. While we know everything has an expiration date wear and tears, we are committed to our warranty replacement values and peace of mind of our customers. No customer will buy and regret our products because we only source from the most reliable and best suppliers.

Beautiful Sparkling Blue Astronaut Earth Rocket Charm


While we understand shopping is a choice, we plan to show our customers appreciation by offering discounts, free items with purchase, holiday giveaways, and special birthday gifts. We plan to do social media giveaways for our followers and likes, and live raffles on new release items. We also plan on letting our loyal customers choose their pieces as well. 


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